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Gone are the days where business was only possible for individuals with cash and contacts. Today getting a platform to execute ideas and build business networking and having a good PR is what enables new businesses to occur. Being a businessman does not mean you have to be deprived of having a good time because you don’t have an appropriate venue to unleash your stress from a taxing day at work. Having appropriate idea is not sufficient for turning your dream into reality neither is having abundant finances but lack of proper vision suffices for your overall success. We at Corporate club have envisioned the idea of creating a common platform for likeminded individuals to meet, share and shape their dreams together. We believe Corporate Club as the blazing need for today’s business world in the Nepalese context.

We also believe in the ideology of a relaxed mind to be able to work more efficiently and be more result oriented. Therefore, Corporate Club is also the perfect place to rejuvenate your tired mind and soul with the tranquilizing environment with various recreational services we offer after having a hectic day at work. We assure to introduce you to a world of excellent public relations and milestones for you to achieve in lieu of your affiliation with us.

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